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writing: your questions part 1

The questions were great! More than I expected! I thought I’d do some of the ones that required shorter answers first and then the longer ones next week/the week after/until they’re done. Just FYI, if you don’t see your question answered here or in a future post, it’s because I’ve already addressed it either in the FAQ or in one of the posts about writing I’ve done previously (you can find those listed in the categories under “writing” or “a conversation on” or ” q & a” in the sidebar). Or it might be because you posted your question too far after the deadline listed. But don’t worry, we’ll do this again someday!

And here we go…

Leigh said: I was just wondering if you wrote any books before MATCHED that were not published.

The answer to that is no, kind of. I have lots of partial manuscripts that have never been published, but at the time that I wrote MATCHED I had never written a full novel that hadn’t been published. However, after I wrote MATCHED I wrote a book that has never been published. For more info on that, see the next question…

Jenna asked: I have a question–after you finished with Matched and you were looking for your agent, what did you do in terms of your writing schedule? As in, did you start writing the sequel to Matched, or work on a different project, or just focus on the query process?

After I finished writing MATCHED I started right into writing a book for my first publisher. My writing schedule was exactly the same–several hours a day during the week and a full day on Saturdays. I was fairly aggressive with querying (I’d send out about 10 queries per week) but I knew that I wanted to get the next book for my first publisher written. Back then, I had no idea what–if anything–would happen with MATCHED so I wanted to keep going on the other project.

That book has never been published. When everything happened with MATCHED, my first publisher and I talked. I knew I couldn’t write for both (not enough time to do it all well) and they were lovely about wishing me the best and telling me I could come back if I ever wanted to do so. It was hard leaving after all those years together–but it honestly could not have gone better. That book still sits in a file, unfinished. It’s drafted but very messy. I wonder sometimes if I’ll pull it out and look at it again someday.

Both Reading_Life and Ashley R. asked: Can you tell us the title to Book 3?

I’m afraid that I can’t, because we are still talking about it right now. But this blog/twitter will be the first place I post it when the time comes.

Blue asked: Is there a setting in your blog that would enable you to show the dates of your posts?

Probably. But I don’t know how to find it. This makes me crazy too. So if anyone fluent in wordpress can let me know, that would be awesome.

HD asks: What is your favorite part about Cassia’s world in the Society?

The organization. I would love for things in my life to be more organized. Also, not having to cook would be pretty great.

Jenny asks: When you imagined Cassia’s world, what factors of our modern society helped you imagine hers?

Lots of factors–but one of my faves that I mention a lot when I talk about the book is the way that our society is losing the ability to write by hand.

Shannon Hale asked: Why are you so cool?

And I am not cool, but that question pretty much made my day.

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  • Kelli
    August 12, 2011


    I was wondering if you could answer three questions for me:

    1. How many words is MATCHED?

    2. About how many words (on average) are your chapters?

    3. Would you ever consider posting your query letter for MATCHED?

    Sorry if you have answered any of these, or if you have in fact posted the query letter.


  • Blue
    August 23, 2011

    Now that I know you’re in WordPress, I googled and found this page:


    Would that help? (I don’t know anything about WordPress, but I’m savvy with Uncle Google!)

    Good luck! ♥

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