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Will you read my manuscript? Will you recommend it to your agent/publisher?

I am so sorry, but I can’t. For the past five years I have read many, many manuscripts for others—including people who I haven’t even met—because that is something I never had starting out and I wanted to be helpful, since I would have LOVED that mentoring. But now, I can’t, and the reasons for this are twofold:

1. I have a hard enough time getting my own writing completed.

2. I have come to realize that I am a TERRIBLE editor. Being an editor is hard. It requires severe amounts of talent and work and knowledge. And I don’t want to do a disservice to you and give you rotten advice on your manuscript!

So, since I can’t read manuscripts anymore, I also can’t recommend them to my agent/publisher (because in order to do that, I would need to have read them).