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five things


Sometimes I can’t think of one big thing to say–like a theme for a post–but I can often think of lots of little things. Like this. So here they are:

1. I haven’t traveled at all in September and October will be nice and quiet as well on the travel front (the home front is, of course, always noisy and crazy). Then, in November, I get to go to Kalamazoo, Michigan to present at their 2013 Youth Literature Seminar, and to Charleston, SC for Yallfest (there may be more travel added later, but that’s it for November for now). If you’re anywhere near Kalamazoo or Charleston, I’d love to see you.

2. I think this idea for a 5K is the best ever. The Orem Library (one of the best in the country) is hosting it. They are giving away books for prizes and there is a one mile kids’ run and you can dress like your favorite character.

3. Comic-Con SLC was amazing. So many people! Such enthusiasm! Salt Lake City did itself proud and I can’t wait to see what Comic Con is like next year.

4. I am writing something new. Newer even than this project, which will be my next, out in Fall 2014. I love writing something new in every season but I think maybe especially in the fall.

5. I found these tiny bowls and they changed my life. You can store things in them, microwave things in them, serve things in them, and they are such a nice little size and you can see right through them. Is this a very writerly thing to post about? Probably not. But anything that makes my life easier as a mom gives me more time to write so maybe that can be the connection.

And that is all for now. I’ll be trying to post more regularly. Next Monday, a few of the FAQ filling my inbox lately…