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From Publishers Weekly: Bloomsbury Children’s Books has just acquired the DARKDEEP series, a middle-grade duology scheduled to debut in fall 2018, which the publisher is describing as “Stranger Thingsmeets The Goonies with the heart of Stand By Me.” The books are being co-written in alternating chapters by bestselling YA authors Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs, who describe themselves, in Reichs’s words, as “super-duper best friends.” The two

injury + recovery

injury + recovery I have been running for 24+ years, since I was 14. It is my lifeline and my sanity in many ways. It makes me feel at home in both body and mind. When I move somewhere, I go running in order to learn my town and feel grounded. On a trip, I explore new routes. I have vivid memories of running in

official atlantia playlist

I listened to these songs to get me into the right mood for writing Rio’s story, and they were an essential part of the creative process. I hope you enjoy them too! I’ve tried not to be too spoiler-y in my explanations for each selection, but suffice it to say that after you’ve read ATLANTIA, you’ll understand even more why I picked the music I

Cavalcade of Authors

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five things

Sometimes I can’t think of one big thing to say–like a theme for a post–but I can often think of lots of little things. Like this. So here they are: 1. I haven’t traveled at all in September and October will be nice and quiet as well on the travel front (the home front is, of course, always noisy and crazy). Then, in November, I