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september events

I had a wonderful time speaking, signing, and meeting with readers in Boise. And I was so pleased to get this picture of Cassia Street (don’t worry, I wasn’t the one driving when I took this). It was an awesome trip. Since I don’t have a new book coming out this fall, I have less travel/events than I have had the past three years (which


This past week, I haven’t written a word (as far as book-writing goes). This is unusual for me, because I may be slow, but I am steady. I’ve been at a family reunion and getting kids ready for back to school (HOW did that happen so soon?) and tending to their health care needs and clearing out my office and going through paperwork and waiting

i think it’s a good one

My five-year-old took this picture last night as we were driving home from visiting family in Park City. “I think it’s a good one,” he said, holding the phone out so I could see the picture. I told him that it was. There are fingerprints and tinted glass in between the sunset outside, and the picture is blurry because we’re driving home, and somehow this


When I was presenting to a group recently, someone asked me about the hard parts of being published and going on tour. There are hard parts now and then (leaving the kids, no sleep, crazy schedules, deadlines, etc.) but there are also so many good parts. Obviously, the best part is getting to meet the readers, who care about the books and the characters. I


I was going through photos on my phone when I found this one that I took of my mom’s pastels. She had them all set up on a plateau in Zion and she was waiting for the light to be just right so that she could capture the sunset on the water and the rocks. I love this picture. Even though she isn’t in it,

new year, mud bird

My friend Brook took the above picture, and she used the “mud bird” scene in REACHED as the inspiration. I’ll keep this quite spoiler-free, but basically it’s a scene where a girl makes a bird out of some materials (one of those materials is mud, and one is glass). It’s a scene about creation and making something out of what you have. I’m working on