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i would like to take you on a little tour

of some fun new things on the site. First, I actually have my blog post categories in the sidebar! And the archives! For the record, I have been blogging since 2007 (a few months after my first book was published) but when we switched over to wordpress in 2009 a lot of those posts were lost and it’s probably for the best. Back then, no

questions and answers. part one.

So I got all excited after my last post because I thought I’d figured out how to reply to each individual comment, and away I went replying, and then when it posted I realized they all just went straight to the end of the comment chain. Urgh. I will keep trying. I’m sorry about that! And, before I get into the Q & A, I

books and movies

Thanks for the congrats on the movie deal, everyone. I am really excited. As most of you know, there are still a LOT LOT LOT of things that have to line up for the movie to actually be made, so fingers crossed. But it’s great to have taken that first step. I will be sure to keep you posted when I can on any developments.

book, banner, blog

1. The winner of the second copy of The Replacement is MADIE C! Madie, please e-mail me your mailing address and we’ll get that book to you ASAP. 2. I want to draw your attention to the lovely new banner, designed by Rachel. She is an author and designer and superwoman and I am so thrilled that she was willing to design a banner for

a conversation on: knowing when your manuscript is ready to submit

Let’s get this party started with the second “conversation” topic: How do I know when my manuscript is ready to submit? The following is just my opinion on the matter. Different things work for different people. I’m assuming you don’t want to know about my failed submissions, so I’ll tell you how it worked for me with MATCHED. And as you read on, you’ll find

a conversation on: writing with small children

Photo credit: the fantastic Brook Andreoli Photography (click here for more info) So here’s how these conversations will work. I’ll post about the topic with my opinion/ideas. Then we’ll talk in the comments. And please bear in mind, that I always know that I’m just sharing one person’s ideas. I know these things won’t work for everyone, that lives change, that I could be writing