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photo taken by me at the Angel Oak this summer

photo taken by me at the Angel Oak this summer

This past week, I haven’t written a word (as far as book-writing goes). This is unusual for me, because I may be slow, but I am steady. I’ve been at a family reunion and getting kids ready for back to school (HOW did that happen so soon?) and tending to their health care needs and clearing out my office and going through paperwork and waiting to hear feedback on projects on submission.

Yes. I said projects, plural. Hopefully I will have news for you soon. 🙂

As this week has happened, with no writing and lots of reading and thinking and being with my family, I have felt myself branching. It is the strangest and most interesting thing, that when you are NOT looking for stories or working on stories and just living, you often end up feeling more creative.

It wasn’t a relaxing week, so to speak. I was driving hundreds of miles in a car with four small children, and turning closets inside out, and making dinners and breaking up arguments and feeling scared and anxious about things (not work-related) that are out of my control but not out of my sphere of influence/responsibility, and, and…

But still I have had new ideas, and I’ve felt fresh, new things, and deep, old emotions too. And this is very good for me as a person, and as a creative individual, and those things are not separate, no matter how much easier I sometimes think that would be. But I am very grateful for all of this, the opportunity to be alive and the enormous role that creation plays in my life.

I hope you are all having wonderful last-months-of summer, and that you are able to be with the ones you love and make new things.