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book giveaway and interview with kirsten miller

Today, to wrap up this fun week talking about The Eternal Ones, I have a guest interview with Kirsten Miller–and commenting on this post will give you a chance to win the other signed copy of The Eternal Ones.

Kirsten, welcome! Can you let us know the top five things you think we should know about you?

I come from a long line of eccentrics, and I, myself, am a little bit strange.

My heroes are David Attenborough and Julia Child. (Yet I steer clear of wildlife, and I can’t cook to save myself.)

My idea of a perfect day would be renting a boat and visiting all of the islands in New York Harbor. (Especially the ones you aren’t allowed to visit.)

For the past ten years, I’ve been trying to convince my Scottish husband to wear a kilt. (He has great knees.)

I honestly believe that Bigfoot exists, and as soon as I win the lottery, I intend to find him.

Let’s talk about your book. The Eternal Ones is about true love and reincarnation. Which is so fascinating. So I’d like to know: who were you and/or your significant other most likely to have been in a past life?

Ha! I suspect my husband and I fought side by side as members of the French Resistance. We’re a pretty good team, I think, and we’ve always enjoyed a marriage of equals. I hope that for our very first date he took me on a tour of the bone-filled catacombs beneath Paris. That’s the kind of thing I would find terribly romantic. (Especially if he brought cheese, and we got to beat up a Nazi or two.)

The book is dedicated to your parents and, in keeping with the reincarnation theme, says, “To my parents–if not my first, then certainly my best.” As a writer, who do you find has been instrumental in helping you have time/space/encouragement to write?

To borrow from a former first lady, it takes a village to make a writer. (In my case, it’s more like a borough or two.) I can’t even begin to list all of the people who have helped me along the way. My parents, my siblings, my teachers, and my husband (who is always my very first reader) all deserve a great deal of credit. But if I’m going to choose one person to thank, it would have to be my eighteen-month-old daughter, Georgia.

I wrote all of my Kiki Strike books with Georgia in mind—even though she hadn’t yet come into the world when the first two were published. Still, she was my inspiration. There’s even a character, Iris McLeod, who was meant to embody all the traits I hoped my daughter would have. (And she does!) And though Georgia probably won’t read The Eternal Ones until she’s in high school, her extremely good behavior as an infant made the book’s creation possible.

For me, one of the most evocative (and universal) parts of The Eternal Ones is the way Haven leaves her home and falls in love with New York City. That feeling of discovering a home away from home–or even a finding of a place where one feels one was meant to be–is one that many people experience or hope to experience. Is this something that happened in your own life? Is there a place in the world that is especially important and dear to you?

Haven’s journey from a small town in the rural South to New York City is much like the one I took at the age of seventeen. This city has been my home ever since, and I’m not sure I have the skills to convey exactly how much I love it. There’s never been any doubt in my mind that this is where I’m meant to be. The city is dirty and smelly and beautiful and strange. You could find the inspiration for one hundred books on a single block. I honestly can’t bear to be away from the city for more than a couple of weeks.

Can you share with us one of your favorite paragraphs from your book?

Do you long for a place you’ve never been?
Do you often experience the sensation of déjà vu?
Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?
Do you possess skills or talents that defy explanation?
Are you haunted by fears or anxieties that make little sense?
Do you feel unusually close to certain people in your life?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have experienced a previous life.

I’m quite fond of the paragraph above (which my heroine discovers on the website of a rather unusual secret society) because I’ve often wondered could be responsible for phenomena like déjà vu. I’m not saying I’m a believer in reincarnation, but it certainly is an interesting subject to ponder.

And finally, what are you reading right now?

I like to read three or four books at once. Right now, I’m reading . . .

Incarceron, by Catherine Fisher, which is pretty awesome.

The Anglo Files, by Sarah Lyall, in order to understand the Brits a bit better. (Since I’m married to one.)

Up in the Old Hotel, by Joseph Mitchell, because a couple of the essays feature my new neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Thanks for the great answers, Kirsten! It has been a pleasure to talk about this book this week and to get to know you a little better.

And now’s your chance, readers! If you want to enter the giveaway for the second signed copy of The Eternal Ones, please leave a comment with your e-mail address below. You can comment until midnight (MST) tomorrow (Saturday) night. I’ll choose two winners at random over the weekend and announce the winners Monday morning. (Sorry, this contest is open to USA and Canada only.)

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  • JenP
    August 13, 2010

    I love Julia Child, too. This book sounds great!

    jpetroroy at gmail dot com

  • KathrynPackerRoberts
    August 13, 2010

    Very interesting! I would love to read that book now!

    kathrynroberts (at) hotmail.com

  • Jenababy13
    August 13, 2010

    Lol! The Big Foot thing made me laugh 🙂 I can’t wait to read this one! Thanks for the interview 🙂


  • Jess(TheCozyReader)
    August 13, 2010

    I’ve had my eye on this one! 🙂

    thecozyreader @ gmail.com

  • Kemendraugh
    August 13, 2010

    Great interview! I really want to read this one…

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  • I would TOTALLY want to go to the catacombs beneath Paris. Bring me with you next time! Great interview, ladies!

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  • TheBookshelfSophisticate
    August 13, 2010

    I have been waiting to read this book for like…forever! I love the idea and after reading the interview, the author sounds fantastic and makes me want to read it all the more!
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  • Emily
    August 13, 2010

    Thanks so much for all of The Eternal Ones/Kirsten Miller stuff this week!

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  • Sara Cluff
    August 13, 2010

    Loved the interview! The book sounds so interesting … I can’t wait to read it!


  • Llehn
    August 13, 2010

    i’d love to play please.


  • Meg
    August 13, 2010

    Kirsten Miller is really funny! Her interview was very interesting & I am glad I got to read it. It is so sweet how much she loves her daughter!
    Thanks for the interview & the giveaway 🙂

    meghanlee11 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Sara B. Larson
    August 13, 2010

    Great interview! Thanks for the posts and the giveaways this week. 🙂

  • I can’t wait to read this book! It sound awesome!


  • DevanBridget
    August 13, 2010

    I really enjoyed reading this interview! Great job! I especially liked her answers to the first question. I wish I could cook like Julia Child. After I got done watching the movie Julie and Julia I wanted to cook…and eat! If I had a Scottish husband I’d make him wear a kilt all the time. 🙂


  • Jessica Skelly
    August 13, 2010

    Woot woot to interviews! 🙂

    Thanks for the contest too.
    chapterchicks @ gmail . com

  • Kailia Sage
    August 13, 2010

    I really want to read this book! Great interview!

    twilightforever.edward at gmail dot com

  • An Ordinary Mom
    August 13, 2010

    Great interview!

  • JenilynTolley
    August 13, 2010

    Great interview–good luck getting your husband into a kilt!

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  • Kare
    August 13, 2010

    great interview!

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  • HeatherSmith
    August 13, 2010

    Nice interview! I would love to read the book.

  • Jeahnelle Woodley
    August 13, 2010

    Great interview Ally. Can’t wait to read Matched.

    I would love to win a copy of The Eternal Ones.

    Thanks for the give away.

  • Carolyn V.
    August 13, 2010

    Great interview Ali!

    Kirsten, I am so impressed that you can read 4-5 books at a time! That’s awesome! I can’t wait to read your book. =)

  • Melissa Lane
    August 13, 2010

    I really enjoyed this interview! I’ve been looking forward to reading The Eternal Ones for a long time.


  • van p.
    August 13, 2010

    great interview please enter me!


  • Okapi
    August 13, 2010

    Wow! The Eternal Ones looks amazing! Thanks so much for the interview and giveaway!


    (sorry if this comment posted twice)

  • Hope
    August 14, 2010

    External Ones looks very interesting. I’m excited to read it!

  • Sandy Shin
    August 14, 2010

    Great interview. I love reincarnation themes, and THE ETERNAL ONES sounds really fabulous. :]

    sandyshin7 [at] gmail [dot] com

  • latishajean
    August 15, 2010

    I know im late for the giveaway but, I do want to say that I look forward to reading matched and this one my to read/wishlist is getting big 🙂 so many great books coming out!

  • Morgyn J.
    August 16, 2010

    The Eternal Ones sounds amazing! Awesome interview! =)

  • Alexis J.
    August 16, 2010

    Awesome interview! The Enternal ones sounds amazing!


  • Christina G
    August 20, 2010

    Truly looking forward to reading this.

  • d
    November 3, 2010

    Hmm you notice many of important information. Due of this I am a weekly reader of your blog.


  • Ma. Pierrina Exconde
    November 8, 2010

    hi there..my daughter is a big fun of yours and she loved reading your books. though it’s kind of expensive one however i still buy for her. she used to save her school allowance just to have budget to buy your books. is there any chance i can get in touch with you/?

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