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a few faq

The view from our weekend drive. How lucky am I to live where I do?

The view from our weekend drive. How lucky am I to live where I do?

So this post is a bit later than promised–oops! I’ve been getting some of the same questions in my email inbox (although I can no longer respond to email, I do try to read all of it). So I thought I would answer a few of those questions here:

What are you working on now that the MATCHED trilogy is finished?

I posted about this back in April, so click here to read the full account. The short answer is that I signed a two-book contract with Penguin (how I love Penguin and my editor, Julie Strauss-Gabel), and the first book on that contract will be out in Fall 2014. It doesn’t have a title yet but it is written and we are in the revision process. I am SO excited about this book. It is set in the future, in an underwater city. The main character is named Rio. It’s a story about sisters, and has a bit of a murder mystery. And also, a very nice and cute boy, who I imagine looking something like a teenage version of Nathan Adrian (doesn’t he have the kindest eyes)?

There’s also an additional project in the works that I can’t say anything about yet.

And, of course, I have four kids and so that keeps me pretty busy too.

Do you have any movie news/can you help me get a part in the movie?

I don’t have any movie news, but I promise I will post about it if/when I do. As far as getting you a part in the movie, I’m sorry, but I have absolutely no control over that. I likely won’t even know who they’ve cast in the movie until they make the formal announcement.

Will you please write a fourth book in the Matched series? I want to know more about (insert character name here).

I feel like Cassia’s story is complete–I want to leave some of it up to the readers to interpret and imagine. I also feel like Ky and Xander were both where they needed to be at the end of REACHED. Right now, I have no plans to write any more novels in the MATCHED world. But, I would never say never. If a story in that world came to me and I felt compelled to write it, there are directions I could see it going. There are a few people/plotlines that I can imagine exploring someday. But again–there are no plans to do this right now.