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Monthly Archives: September 2011

variant: by robison wells

I’m trying to think of the first time I met Robison Wells and I don’t think I’m positive about when it was. The inaugural Whitney Banquet, when I was enormously pregnant? It had to be before then but that’s my first concrete memory of talking with him, although I’d known about Rob for a long time before that. I’d been reading a group blog in

one week away: smart chicks tour!

In exactly one week, on Thursday, September 29th, I will be signing with Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Margaret Stohl, Beth Revis, and Sara Zarr at the Portland, Oregon stop of the Smart Chicks Tour. I CANNOT WAIT. More details on the event here. For those of you who are coming, you can find posters here to print out and bring to sign

release day!

Today is the release date for the MATCHED paperback. It’s shiny and green and BEAUTIFUL and it includes the first two chapters of CROSSED. The paperback editor for this book, Eileen Kreit, has just done an unbelievable job with this edition and I really want to thank her and her team. And it’s the release date for ENTHRALLED. So many great stories in this one,

tomorrow (sept. 20): come chat on twitter!

Many thanks to Anna for creating this icon! To celebrate the publication of the MATCHED paperback tomorrow, September 20 (woohoo!), we’re going to have a chat on Twitter. I’ll be taking questions about MATCHED and CROSSED and answering other questions you might have (about writing, reading, pretty much anything!). Here’s everything you need to know: *The chat will take place on Twitter on Tuesday, September

want to read the first two chapters of crossed?

UPDATE: You can find the first two chapters of CROSSED here. Well…you can! The first two chapters will be posted on ew.com exclusively tomorrow: Tuesday, September 13th. I’ll make sure to link to the chapters here on the blog when they go up. I hope you enjoy! I can’t wait for this next part of the story to be out in the world. I care

event this saturday! podcast! apologies!

image courtesy Utah Festival of Books I’m presenting at the Utah Festival of Books this Saturday, September 10th, in Salt Lake City! I’ll be speaking on the Children’s & Teen Stage at 10:50 and then signing for an hour beginning at 11:20. Click here for more info. I’d love to see you there! I’ll have free MATCHED bookmarks and some awesome ENTHRALLED cards to hand