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Monthly Archives: July 2011

reading: a midsummer night's dream

I am reading this: because in two weeks I get to go here: and see the play live at the Utah Shakespeare Festival, a Tony-award winning theater company located in my very own hometown of Cedar City, Utah. (Also, if you are a fan of the show Modern Family, click here and look at the picture on the right. Guess who was Oberon in a

writing: putting in the time

A poor-quality picture of my writing corner. Can you find: 1. My computer from 2006 (still ticking! knock on wood). 2. Not one but two water glasses because it’s a pain to have to refill. 3. The copy of Everything is Fine that I still need to mail to the winner of the giveaway (it’s coming! I promise!). 4. Post it notes for my WIP

reading: everyman

I am seriously addicted to teeny tiny poetry books. I only have four. But I would love to have the entire Everyman library. They’re so small! They fit so well in a purse or pocket! And they have lovely little ribbon bookmarks attached. Right now I’m reading this one: And also the Dylan Thomas (now out of print, but I found one), and also this

writing: what cannot be fixed

On Sunday night, my oldest came into the house in a panic. “There’s a bird outside,” he said. “I think it’s really hurt.” It was, the worst kind of hurt. It was dead. It had gotten its foot stuck in one of our cheap plastic outside chairs and couldn’t get out and, I suppose, starved to death. When my son found out the bird was

reading: the magician's elephant

All the kids are home for the summer, which is very fun, and also a bit crazy. I guess only one of them is actually in school all day normally, so in a lot of ways it’s not much different. But summertime just FEELS more laid-back. My agent couldn’t believe it when she found out that my kids are here all the time when school’s

kutv fresh living

Just a little plug: I will be on KUTV’S Fresh Living show today (Wednesday, July 13th). I’m told the show will be on air at 1 p.m. So if you feel like tuning in, please do!