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Monthly Archives: June 2011

reading: all things brit-ish

I really like reading stories set in Great Britain. One of my all-time favorite authors is Agatha Christie. I’ve loved her every since my very first trip to England when I was eleven. My dad handed me a big bulky anthology of her mysteries, said, “I think you’re going to like these,” and oh, I did. I loved them. It was, as was often the

something beautiful

This beautiful image and this text will be in the paperback version of MATCHED, coming on September 20th. I love it. (I am, apparently, really bad about writing about writing when I’m spending my days writing. So who knows if my lofty summer goal of posting about writing on Tuesdays will come to pass. But I will try again next week.)

reading: a tale dark and grimm

I bought this ages ago because I was dying to read it. The premise sounded fantastic, the author and I have the same editor, it had stellar reviews from everyone in the world. While I was in NYC in May, I was able to meet the author in person–Adam Gidwitz— he was so kind and fun and clever and a teacher! Exactly the kind of

crossed winner! (and t-shirts, and orem library!)

Congratulations! The winner of the ARC of CROSSED is…. JEN N. (JEN NYSTROM)! I honestly can’t believe how many people entered. Wow. I truly appreciate that you want to read this book and wish I had hundreds of ARCs to send out instead of just one. Thanks also for reading the blog and for your comments always. I can’t tell you how happy it makes

reading: arthur

Excellent news! Although only one person can win the ARC of CROSSED here on the blog, my awesome publisher has sent me a couple of copies to give away at my library events this summer. I’ll have some my event next Tuesday, June 21 at the Orem Library, and a few more at the event in August at the Salt Lake City Public Library. You

writing: point of view

I’ve been thinking a LOT about writing this week because a) I’m writing a lot and b) I’m talking about writing at the WIFYR Conference in Sandy, Utah, this Thursday. They have opened up the keynote address (which I’m giving!) and the autographing afterwards to the public, which is awesome. All of the presenters at the conference participate in the signing (at least, that’s how