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Monthly Archives: March 2011

the cover of crossed!

Here it is… It’s beautiful. Perfect. I love the way she has shattered the bubble and is breaking free. LOVE. It’s exactly what happens in this part of Cassia’s story. And I love the color. (And yes, for those of you who asked, the green cover of MATCHED and the blue cover of CROSSED do represent the tablets, as well as other thematic elements in

matched madness! and some q & a

Penguin Teen has declared March to be MATCHED MADNESS month! (I love Penguin Teen.) Click here on Penguin Teen’s facebook page for more info (you’ll have to scroll down a little to find the MATCHED MADNESS entry, but it’s there, I swear).To promote MATCHED this month, they’ve also made these awesome twibbons: You can get yours here. And if you wonder why I don’t have

german gorgeousness and raleigh recap

I’ve been wanting to post some pictures that my publisher in Germany (Fischer Verlag) sent me recently. They’ve been really great about keeping me posted on how MATCHED (which is called DIE AUSWAHL in Germany) is doing. DIE AUSWAHL has reached as high as #6 on the German bestseller lists which is amazing! The picture above shows the lovely Fischer team (including Julia, Carla, and

creative people: visual arts

I’ve been thinking about creativity and how wonderful it is that we all have talents and different ways of expressing ourselves. I am lucky to know so many incredibly creative, talented people. Amazing authors, incredible cooks, fantastic organizers, kind and gentle teachers. So I think it would be fun to spotlight some creative people I know. And for this post I thought I’d focus on