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Monthly Archives: February 2011

spring break and spinach

I know it’s not technically spring or spring break but it’s the point in the year where I start pretending I’m in the picture above. In actuality I’m doing the usual (carpool, lunch-making, homework-helping, appointment-keeping, and WRITING). But then on Friday I take off for Raleigh and the last stop on the Breathless Reads tour! I also have two great articles to share that featured

upcoming travel/events, facebook, and thanks!

Hey everyone! A lot of lovely readers have been asking if I’m coming to CA–and I am! On April 30th I’ll be part of the LA Times Festival of Books. Click here for more info. There are signings associated with the event and they will be open to the public. I don’t have a specific time for my signing yet, but it will likely be

tour report (and contest winners!)

Wow. What a great week it’s been. The first leg of the Breathless Reads tour was fantastic and I’ll announce the poster winners at the end of this post. But first, I need to give you a full tour report (but without very many pictures because it was so busy that I took exactly five pictures with my own camera)! Our first stop of the

contest, more tour info

Okay. So the Breathless Reads Tour kicks off in less than a week–on Wednesday, February 9th, in NYC. And in honor of the tour, I’m having a contest. The prize: one signed hardcover copy of one of the Breathless Reads, your choice. I will have the author personalize it for you and I’ll mail to the US or Canada. How to enter: leave a comment

questions and answers

Today I’m answering some of your questions from twitter and from comments on this blog. These are some great ones. Thanks to everyone for asking them! Q: How do you pronounce Cassia’s name? A: Cash-a. I know. It’s tricky. It’s the name of the cinnamon flower (see pic above) and I chose it because I liked the sound, the classical/unusual feel of it, and the

good things utah

Just a quick note for those in Utah, I am going to be on ABC4’s Good Things Utah this morning!