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Monthly Archives: January 2011

but I wanted THAT!

We have three kids, all same gender, all close in age, so Christmas morning takes a little bit of finagling to avoid fighting. So we end up buying a lot of 3x of the same thing, like the item you see pictured above. I could have gone my whole life without a Mr. Potato Head Spud Lightyear in my home, but now we have several

news in the new year (#3)!

First of all, I got the amazing news yesterday that MATCHED reached #3 on the NYT list this week! Wahoo! We’ve been on the list for five weeks now and it’s all thanks to you. I really, REALLY appreciate your support of the book. Never in my life would I have thought this would happen. Ever. But it’s so wonderful and I’m so grateful. My

goals 2011: a book a year, a line a day

So I spent my holidays celebrating Christmas, my 11th anniversary, and, mostly…working on CROSSED. CROSSED, you say? That book you’ve been working on for 14 months now? Why, yes! I am slow. I’ve mentioned before that I write at about a book-a-year-pace. So the fact that I’m (still) working on revising CROSSED is par for the course for me. I write just about every day

sapphique winners!

The winners of Sapphique are________ and _________ Congrats! Please e-mail me your mailing address and Penguin will send you the books ASAP. If the books aren’t claimed by Tuesday the 4th, I’ll pick new winners. HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! edited to add: books were not claimed! New winners TBA.