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Monthly Archives: December 2010

sapphique: interview with catherine fisher

Catherine, welcome, and thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. 1. What are the top five things you’d like readers to know about you/your writing? The five top things I’d like people to know about my writing? Tricky. How about 1. I often write with opera playing loudly. 2. I like to write poetry even more than prose. 3. I often read

sapphique: guest blog post by catherine fisher

The Key, the Glove and the Stars. I like symbols. Metaphors are the heart of poetry, and of stories too. Often when I write a book I have a magic object at its centre, an object that can not only do amazing things, but which holds a secret symbolism just because of what it is. The major symbol in my novel INCARCERON was pretty clear

the penguin five: sapphique

I’m still on break until after the holidays, but this week I’ve pre-scheduled some posts featuring Catherine Fisher’s newly released novel SAPPHIQUE, the sequel to INCARCERON. To find out more about SAPPHIQUE, read on…and be sure to come back Wednesday and Thursday for a guest post by Catherine, an interview with her, and two chances to win hardcover copies of the book! Finn has escaped

until 2011

I forgot to post that MATCHED stayed on the NYT list! It was #6 this week. Which is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! And now, after that tidbit of news, I’m going to vanish for a little while. This is a good time of year to hunker down, count blessings, make resolutions, revisit, revise, and be with family. I’m not going to be online much–not blogging, tweeting,

launched, part 1

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve never had a launch party OR a book come out in hardcover until MATCHED. So I could NOT stop grinning. It’s taken me a little while to post about the book launches. The night after my last public event of 2010 (the Provo Library launch), the stomach flu began to run rampant through my family and my husband was

did you hear the news?

This man made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (For those of you asking where Neil was on the playlist, just wait. I’ve been listening to his BEST SONG EVER over and over during the writing of both MATCHED and CROSSED, but in the end decided to save it for CROSSED because it makes the most sense thematically on that playlist.) People