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Monthly Archives: November 2010

blog tour begins!

I’m probably going to be posting every day until MATCHED comes out. I hope it isn’t Ally/Matched overload and you all leave, never to return. But the bloggers have been AMAZING and the interviews have been so fun–how can I not share the links? It is impossible. First of all, check out the official website for MATCHED. It is awesome. There’s even an app where

questions and answers. part one.

So I got all excited after my last post because I thought I’d figured out how to reply to each individual comment, and away I went replying, and then when it posted I realized they all just went straight to the end of the comment chain. Urgh. I will keep trying. I’m sorry about that! And, before I get into the Q & A, I

ask me a question. please.

So every writing brain cell I have is being spent on this revision. Every cell. All five of them. And I am traveling next week, and I want to write next Tuesday’s post before I go. And I was reading the comments from the last post and Karen had a really great question, and I wondered, do any of the rest of you have questions

a month until matched! and other items

I meant to post this Saturday, and then I had all these cute little people to get into costumes and to make spooky feasts for, so up it goes today. There is only a month left until the release of MATCHED! I am so excited. Everything has happened so quickly (this time last year, we hadn’t even sold the book to Dutton/Penguin yet). And yet