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Monthly Archives: October 2010

the penguin five: nightshade

This month’s Penguin Five spotlight is NIGHTSHADE, a steamy paranormal romance by Andrea Cremer. And, once again, Penguin is providing two copies for giveaways later this week! We’ll get to hear from the lovely and very talented (she’s also a college professor!) Andrea Cremer on Wednesday (when she guest posts) and on Friday (when I’ll post an interview with her). Until then, visit Andrea’s blog

reviews and crying and not giving up

Edited to add: In case you miss it in the comments, I want you all to know how much I appreciate your wonderful comments on this post. Reading all of them made me get teary all over again. Thank you all, so much. I received some reviews this past week for MATCHED. Some official reviews. And they were lovely. And two of them (Kirkus and

this week

I am listening to Only the Young by Brandon Flowers. I am reading this book of poetry to my kids. I adore the little Everyman’s Library books and have ever since my Gram first gave me one years ago. I’m a total sucker for them and own quite a few. There’s just something so lovely about a book of poetry that fits right in your

launch party news and contest links

I’m back from Germany! Big thanks to my husband for guest posting (you rock) and to all of you for commenting and making him feel loved. Maybe I’ll have to have him post again someday… I’ll post a real post tomorrow, but there are a few links and updates that I wanted to post ASAP. First of all, have you checked the EVENTS page lately?

guest post from the husband

(Ally asked if I (her husband) would write this guest post about what it is like being married to an author. If there is one thing that I know from being married to an author it is that you have to have a clear picture of your audience. To that end I have decided to address this blog post to what I am sure is

commercial premiere today!

Click here to visit MTV’s Hollywood Crush blog and see the full commercial for Penguin’s Breathless Reads…including MATCHED! What do you think? I’m in love… And here’s that beautiful still from the commercial just one more time: