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Monthly Archives: September 2010

some VERY big news

This was in Variety today. I am thrilled. Huge thanks to Jodi, Kassie, Offspring, and Disney. Thank you for believing in my story.

the penguin five: guest post from brenna yovanoff and giveaway!

And today…a guest post from Brenna, AND one of two chances to win a hardcover copy of The Replacement! I haven’t had the chance to meet Brenna in real life, but she has an awesome blog and also writes flash fiction at Merry Sisters of Fate and I have high hopes that we will meet in the future. Hi, everyone, I’m really excited to be

big news

So guess what. I get to be a part of the Throwing Up Words blog. I’ll be blogging there on Wednesdays. I get to blog with ANN DEE ELLIS and CAROL LYNCH WILLIAMS and KYRA WILLIAMS. How lucky am I? I got this gig because these lovely ladies are my friends. But I ask you. Do friends really let/make friends wear wigs like this? I

the penguin five: the replacement

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned that I am part of promoting the other four books in the Penguin Five (five young adult titles being released this Fall/Winter). In August, the book was Kirsten Miller’s The Eternal Ones and this month, the selection is… …. Brenna Yovanoff’s THE REPLACEMENT ! Brenna is smart and funny and fantastic and you will love what she has in store

a conversation on: knowing when your manuscript is ready to submit

Let’s get this party started with the second “conversation” topic: How do I know when my manuscript is ready to submit? The following is just my opinion on the matter. Different things work for different people. I’m assuming you don’t want to know about my failed submissions, so I’ll tell you how it worked for me with MATCHED. And as you read on, you’ll find

a vacation from my PROBLEMS

Remember that movie What About Bob? And Bob, the main character, has this great line where he says, “I’m taking a vacation from my PROBLEMS!” My dad loves that movie. He came to visit this week. He’s working in the northern end of the state (where I live) but he’s also doing a little road-tripping and visiting of children. And we kept quoting this line