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Monthly Archives: June 2010

ala and dc and arc

This is a post of acronyms. About ALA. Wow. Wow. Wow wow wow. It was amazing. It was a former English teacher’s dream. Famous authors + awesome librarians=heaven. I was only in DC for 26 hours but a lot happened during those hours. (A lot has happened since I returned home, too. The Boys are passing around the throw-up-stomach-flu. My favorite! Stomach flu+potty-training=a special kind


Sometimes this blog doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up. I like blogs about writing and about people who are interesting. So, I think, I should write about writing, and I should try to be interesting. And then I write about random other stuff instead and it’s always kind of a muddle. Today especially. So here are some numbers for you

the pictures!

And now I can regale you with BEA: A Photo Essay. (I used to have my students do a photo essay assignment when I taught 10th grade English. I am sure they LOVED it.) First up: This is my street the morning before I left. (Daphne, if you are reading this, please let me know if you want me to remove this picture of your

all about bea

edited: Now, with a picture from Penguin Teen! Documenting the drinking of water! And the shortness of me! But no pictures. If wild and crazy photos of me signing books and standing around smiling at BEA surface on the internet, you will know that someone has sold my camera for ill-gotten gains. There may also be a picture of me sitting up on a stage

new ARC winner!

So, the original winner didn’t claim the ARC and the new winner is: TheLibraryLurker (comment #107)! Congratulations! 🙂 And, the lovely and kind and incredibly talented author Gayle Forman is also giving away an ARC of MATCHED on her blog. Click here for more info. I got to meet Gayle at BEA and she was SO LOVELY to me. It’s so nice when someone whose

and the winner of the ARC is…

…Lola Martin! Congratulations, Lola! Yay! Please e-mail me your address (my e-mail is allyATallysoncondieDOTcom) and I will send it to you ASAP! You have until Friday, June 4th at midnight MST to claim the ARC. I hope you enjoy the book. Thank you all very much for your comments and entries. I was so thrilled by the response! And completely surprised. Also, there are some