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Monthly Archives: April 2010

the secret to getting writing done

It can be tempting, when you FINALLY sit down at the computer to get some writing done, to do other things. Check author blogs or facebook, etc. But, last month I found the secret to getting writing done: sign up for a standardized test for which you need to study. I had to sign up for the Praxis test as part of keeping my teaching

the cover

I love it!

a good life

My great-uncle Wilbur Braithwaite passed away this week. There are many stories in print about him, one of which can be found here. WIlbur was the witness at my wedding when my father and grandfather couldn’t be there. He sent me poetry and coaching advice in high school when I was running. He was one of the first people to send me a congratulatory note


So I have a few bits of news about Matched to share. We have sold foreign rights in sixteen different countries. I have seen the (not-final, but getting there) cover and it is GORGEOUS. I will post it as soon as I get permission, but wow. It makes me happy every time I think about it. I had to change my main character’s name. It

the problem with sports

So, this is the problem with sports: There are winners and losers. And I can’t handle it. I was in utter agony during the Winter Olympics because they would show us these adorable teenagers from different countries (figure skating, I’m looking at you) and tell us how the whole country would freak out if they didn’t win, and then. Guess what. They didn’t all win.

books in the basket

Adorable pirate basket/photo credit Brook Andreoli Our tradition for the past seven years (since the birth of our first little guy) has been to have books as the gift in our Easter baskets. This year’s books are: For Boy 3, Spot’s First Easter. For Boy 2, Bunny Party. For Boy 1, Superfudge. For me, Beautiful Creatures (can’t wait to read it!). For my husband, it’s