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Monthly Archives: March 2010

new event

Quick update on the events page: I have a signing this Saturday, just added.


My son and I read the book How to Train Your Dragon together at bedtime a few months ago. I promised him that we could also go see the movie when it came out opening weekend. So, this past weekend, we went on a date. I met up with him right after my signing. He jumped out of the car, waved goodbye to his dad

let's pretend it's tuesday…

…because who needs Monday anyway? I’m posting a day early this week because I want to give a report on the writing marathon. It went great. My goal was to write 5,000 words and get over a sticky spot in the manuscript. I am pleased to report that I wrote about 6,700 words and am firmly mired in a new sticky spot in the manuscript.

almost to the finish line

Okay, so who else out there is doing the writing marathon too? Sandy? Julie? Tasha? Ali? How’s it going? Only a few more hours. I am taking a break to hang with the kids and facilitate my husband’s watching of the BYU game (which he more than deserves after all he’s done to help out today–he took the kids grocery shopping and to the aquarium

in training

So I’m getting ready for the writing marathon. I am cleaning out my office/guest room/place where I throw all the clean laundry when I don’t have time to fold it/storage facility where we keep all our high school memorabilia and childhood items because our parents decided they don’t want to store it anymore and I can’t blame them. I ordered new blinds for that room


I am posting about a writing marathon today, so in honor of it, I thought I would bust out this very old photo of my husband and I as we are about to run our first marathon together. Elves. Skinny happy elves. Where has the time gone? We got engaged one week later. So maybe if you have a significant other and you decide to